Tools For Independent Artists

We love independent music and support artists as much as we can.

Life as an independent artist can be tough. We have put this list of resources and tools that we hope will help you take your music to the next level.

We will be adding new tools here on a regular basis so make sure you come back again for more great tips!

Track Spotify Performance

There are some really great tools for tracking your performance on Spotify and finding out which playlists you have been added to.

We highly recommend the official Spotify Artists Hub for tracking your own playlist adds, engagement and fan metrics.

For information on other tracks and playlists, we recommend Spot on Track, a free tool for tracking Spotify data.

Get Into Spotify Playlists

You can submit music to Spotify playlists (including all of the This-List playlists) on

Soundplate is a record label and music blog based in the UK. Their Spotify submission system is the easiest way to find Spotify curators and submit music to the curators and is totally free for artists and labels to use.

Fast Music News Podcast

Fast Music News is a short music news podcast which will keep you up to date with the latest music industry news.

Listen / Subscribe here.

Find Out How Much You Could Earn From Streaming is the best tool online for estimating earnings from Spotify streams.

Music Smart Links & Pre-Save Campaigns

Soundplate Clicks is a free tool for creating music smart links service that allows users to create free Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer pre-save campaigns and promote their music on all platforms.

Find More Tools & Resources is a totally free music industry directory which includes hundreds of resources for independent artists and music companies.